Lokniketan Virampur

The tribal people of Virampur area were extremely poor. The one and the only remedy of all their deprivations and miseries were possible only through education. But education is a slow process. It takes years to bear fruits, yet that one is the sure remedy. On this conviction Lokniketan Trust had started Virampur branch of Lokniketan Ashramshala a post basic school at Virampur with 20 students on 11-07-1977. In order that this post basic school worked well, it was essential that it got enough number of students in Std. VIII and format also it was essential that the primary education was spread in the area were very irregular, so not many students attended the schools there. Hardly any girl went to school. The people did not realize the importance to educate their children and therefore, in order to spread primary education, to create close contacts with the tribal people.

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